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Et tu, Brute?

Veni, vidi, vici

Legal Terms

Divide et impera
Dum spiro, spero
Cogito ergo sum
In vino veritas
In dubio
Memento mori
Periculum in mora

Motto, Proverb and Translation

Quantum Satis

Repetita iuvant
Sapere aude
Sic Parvis Magna
Pax romana
Ante bellum
Tolle, lege

Legal Terms

Verba volant, scripta manent

Veritas vos liberabit

Vincit omnia veritas

Adeste Fideles


Dei gratia

Anno domini
Bona fides

In vitro

In vivo

Deo gratias

Coat of Arms

Latin Quotes

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Latin Quotes

The content of this section of the website provides a fast, easy guide to the translation of Latin Quotes into the English language. Learn the Latin to English translation of some of the most popular Quotes that are searched for by people who want to create their own family crest and motto or are perhaps searching for an unusual, cool Latin word for a tattoo. Click a link on the menu bar for articles providing the Latin-English translations of common Latin Quotes, such as 'Dei gratia',  'Dum spiro, spero' and 'Veni, vidi, vici'.

Famous Latin Quotes for Tattoos - David Beckham and Angela Jolie
Although Latin is considered to be a 'dead language' we still use Latin Quotes every single day. The Latin language was widely used historically by scholars, scientists and administrators. Latin Quotes provide a classical flavor for creating family mottos and crests and provide inspiration for reflecting values and ideals on tattoos. Many people now choose to have Latin Quotes and phrases as tattoos. Angelina Jolie chose "Quod me netrit me destruit" for her tattoo meaning, "What nourishes me also destroys me." David Beckham  chose "Ut Amem Et Foveam" for his tattoo meaning "So that I love and cherish."


Inspirational Latin Quotes
Other inspirational Latin Quotes for tattoos include:

"Semper Verum" meaning 'Always True'

"Temet nosce" meaning 'Know thyself'

"Veritas lux mea" meaning 'Truth is my light'

"Audax at fidelis" meaning 'Bold but faithful'

"Luceat lux vestra" meaning 'Let your light shine'

"Dum vita est, spes est" - 'While there is life, there is hope'

Classic Motto and Proverb


Latin Quotes
The use of this ancient language still survives in many walks of everyday life in modern times.  Our articles contain the free translation of the most popular and famous quotes and sayings that are often used in school and in the workplace. These common expressions, phrases and sayings sound familiar but sometimes the exact translation of the these famous Latin Quotes are unknown.

Famous Latin Quotes
The most popular and famous Latin quotes, phrases and sayings included in our articles provide the definition and the meaning of each quote and interesting facts and information about their origins.


Latin Quotes
Famous Latin Quotes include phrases and expressions used in many walks of life:

Literary Terms, quotes, sayings and phrases
Legal Terms, quotes, phrases and sayings
Latin mottos, proverbs and famous quotes
Philosophical quotes, phrases and sayings
Political quotes, phrases and sayings
Religious quotes, phrases and sayings

Famous Latin Quotes and Phrases
Our language is filled with various Latin quotes such as Divide et impera, Cogito ergo sum, Quantum Satis, Pax romana and Ante bellum . These are just a few examples of famous quotes. Our articles will help with the translation of famous quotations and the Latin language, providing the English translations and meanings of these famous terms, expressions, phrases and sayings.


Latin Quotes - Word Translation
Many people are searching for the translations of individual Latin Quotes especially for meaningful and classic Quotes, mottos and quotes for tattoos.

 Fidelis means faithful, loyal, true
Gravitas means seriousness, dignity, importance
Iudicoto means to judge, consider
Lepor Lepos means charm, wit, elegance
Mansuetus means mild, soft, gentle
Peractoto means to complete, accomplish
Recroto means to restore, revive
Salvus means safe, sound
Tutis means protected, safe, secure
Verus means true, proper, right


Popular and Famous Latin Quotes
The following Quotes that have a Latin translation are included in this section may be accessed via the menu bar and include the following:

Latin Quotes

Et tu, Brute?Veni, vidi, viciDivide et impera
Cogito ergo sumDum spiro, speroIn vino veritas
In dubioMemento moriPericulum in mora
Sapere audeRepetita iuvantQuantum Satis
Deo gratiasIn vivoIn vitro
Anno dominiDei gratiaBona fides
Pax romanaAdeste FidelesCredo
Ante bellumTolle, legeSic Parvis Magna
 Verba volant, scripta manent 

Latin Quotes


Latin Quotes
The interesting facts, information and translation of this ancient, classical language provides a simple guide to the translation of each of the famous quotes, expressions, phrases and sayings into the English language.
Learn the English translation of Latin quotes and proverbs into the English language together with examples and the meaning of all of the expressions and quotations. Find the Latin Quotes and phrases to help you learn the classical ancient language and understand the common phrases and sayings that are still used in modern times. An easy translation of the modern use of Latin quotations, phrases and sayings in this classic language.


Latin Quotes

Translation, definition and meaning of Latin quotes
Simple, easy translation of famous Latin sayings
Understand the classic language & terminology
Famous mottos, proverbs, expressions and quotes
Learn the meaning of Latin Quotes
Examples and English translation of Latin Quotes
Inspirational ideas for tattoos
Latin language translation of sayings & phrases

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Latin Quotes

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