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Amor vincit omnia
Utile Dulci

In Vino Veritas

Memento Mori

E pluribus unum

Carpe diem

Legal Terms

Tempus fugit
Per aspera ad astra
Ars gratia artis
Semper Paratus
Semper Fidelis
Citius Altius Fortius

Motto, Proverb and Translation

De oppresso liber

Audaces fortuna iuvat
Ars longa, vita brevis
Ex astris, Scientia
Divide et impera
Ora et labora
Esse quam videri

Legal Terms

Labor omnia vincit

Dum spiro, spero

Quo Vadis

Nil desperandum

Soli Deo gloria

 Fortes fortuna juvat

Sui Generis


Deo volente

Coat of Arms

Latin Mottos

Classic Language

Latin Mottos
The content of this section of the website provides a fast, easy guide to the translation of famous Latin Mottos into English. Learn the Latin to English translation of all of the famous Latin Mottos used in family crests and also by the military, colleges, schools and the state. Mottos are also often used by sporting associations such as football clubs. Click a link on the menu bar for articles providing the English-Latin translations of famous Latin mottos, such as 'E pluribus unum', 'Carpe diem' and 'Semper Fidelis' together with their translation, definition and meanings.

Mottos are short phrases or sayings that summarize the values or ideals of groups of people. Mottos, generally in Latin, are adopted by kings, the nobility, countries and states and express words that convey an intention of a group or their prime motivational force. Mottos are also adopted by families, businesses, companies, colleges and schools.

This simple guide to the translation of Latin Mottos will increase your Latin vocabulary and enable you to translate the most famous of all the Latin mottos or slogans.


History of Latin Mottos
The history of Latin mottos dates back hundreds of years. Royalty and nobility attached a meaningful legend, motto or slogan, to a heraldic design.

Mottos were invariably in the Latin language and encapsulated the ideals of a family. The use of such slogans became extremely popular in times of war when such phrases were used as a rallying cry such as "A Deo et rege"  meaning 'For God and king" or the motto of a loyal patriot might have been "Patriae fidus" meaning 'Faithful to my country'.

The royal coat of arms of the English monarch features the French motto of English monarchs "Dieu et mon droit" meaning 'God and my right'.

Classic Motto and Proverb


Latin Mottos
The term Latin and the language derives from 'Latium' a region of Italy in which Rome was situated. The Latin language was spoken and written by the ancient Romans and many of the people who inhabited the Roman Empire. Latin mottos are therefore strongly associated with the Romans.

Latin Mottos - SPQR & "Strength & Honor"
The ancient Romans carried various ensigns and standards, the most famous being letters SPQR which stood for the Latin words 'Senatus populusque romanus' meaning the 'Senate and people of Rome'. In the movie "Gladiator" the motto of the legionnaires was  "Strength and honor" in Latin, 'Virtus et Honor' which reflected the ideals that these Romans fought for.


Examples of Religious Latin Mottos
Latin Mottos reflected and encapsulated the ideals and motivation of different groups of people. Many Latin mottos represented religious beliefs and ideals such as:

 "Auxilium meum a Domino" the motto meaning 'My help is from the Lord'

"Coelum non solum" the motto meaning 'Heaven not earth'

"Dei gratia" the motto meaning 'By the grace of God'

"Dei providentia juvat" the motto meaning 'Godís providence assists'

Examples of Military Latin Mottos
Examples of Latin mottos that reflected military ideals include:

United States Navy:"Non sibi sed patriae" the motto meaning in English 'Not Self, but Country'
United States Marine Corps: "Semper Fidelis" meaning in English 'Always Faithful'
US Army Rangers: "Sua Sponte" meaning 'of his, her, its or their own accord.'


Family Latin Mottos
Other Latin mottos reflected ideals and personal values. Examples of these personal and often family Latin mottos include:

Dum spiro spero - While I breath I hope
Facta non verba - Deeds not words
Faveat fortuna - Let fortune favour
Generousitas et victoria - Generous in victory
Honor et virtus - Honour and virtue
Ne quid falsi - Nothing false
Nunquam non paratus - Never unprepared
Probitate et labore - By honesty and toil
Nunquam obliviscar - I will never forget
Parea non servin - I obey but not as a slave


Latin Mottos
The definitions, translations and meanings of Latin Mottos included in this section may be accessed via the menu bar and include the following:

Latin Mottos

Amor vincit omnia

In Vino Veritas

Memento Mori

Utile DulciE pluribus unumCarpe diem
Tempus fugitVia, Veritas, VitaDei gratia
LibertasSemper ParatusSemper Fidelis
Sua SponteDe oppresso liberImperium in imperio
Ars gratia artisEurekaMorituri te salutamus
ExcelsiorEsse quam videriLabor omnia vincit
Nil desperandumDum spiro, speroQuo Vadis
Per aspera ad astraAudaces fortuna juvatSui Generis
 Deo volente 
Latin Mottos

Latin Mottos
The interesting facts, information about mottos and the meaning and translation of this ancient, classical language provides a simple guide with helpful examples and the translation of each of the Latin Mottos into the English language.
Learn the English translation of Latin Mottos together with examples and the meanings. An easy aid to the translation of famous Latin Mottos in this classic language.


Latin Mottos

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Latin Mottos

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