Sua Sponte

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Definition of Sua Sponte
The English Definition of this Latin legal phrase is as follows:

 "Of their own accord"

The basic meaning and definition of the Latin legal term "Sua Sponte" is an action that has been initiated and taken on the court's own initiative, without prompting. This commonly applies to an order transferring a case to another judge due to a conflict of interest.

Another example of "Sua Sponte" is that the judge might determine that his/her court does not have jurisdiction or authority over the case.

Sua Sponte


Interesting Info about Sua Sponte
Lawyers, solicitors or judges might use Latin legal terms such as "Sua Sponte" especially in making decisions in matters relating to jurisdiction. If a judge makes a decision based on his own observation, without a request made by any other party, these decisions are known as "Sua Sponte".The term may also be applied to actions or decisions taken by government agencies and individuals acting in an official capacity.

Sua Sponte Motto
The United States Army Rangers uses "Sua Sponte" as the 75th Ranger Regiment motto. The motto was chosen in reference to the ability of the Rangers to accomplish tasks with little or no prompting.

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Sentences & Quotes about "Sua Sponte"
Legal terms like "Sua Sponte" are used in courts by lawyers, attorneys and  judges and also feature in famous quotes demonstrating how to use "Sua Sponte" in a sentence or reflecting the notion of the phrase.

"Let your plans be dark and as impenetratable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt."

Quote by Sun Tzu, The Art of War


Sua Sponte

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