Ex gratia

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Definition of Ex gratia
The English Definition of this Latin legal phrase is as follows:

 "By favor"

The basic meaning and definition of the Latin legal term "Ex gratia" is a favor bestowed voluntarily, not as a legal right. An "Ex gratia" action is given with no expectation of a legal obligation or liability. In the settlement of insurance claims, it may take the form of payment for which the insurer did not appear to be liable. It is a favor made out of goodwill as in business terms when, for instance, a lump sum is paid in addition to a pension

Ex gratia


Interesting Info about Ex gratia
Lawyers or solicitors might use Latin legal terms such as "Ex gratia" in their consultations. But the term is most commonly applied in the business world.

Ex gratia Payments
A non-statutory redundancy payment is also known as a golden handshake or an ex-gratia payment. A one-off bonus might also be referred to as an ex-gratia payment or an extra payment made to an employee when they are laid off work.

Governments sometimes provide compensation in the form of an ex-gratia payment following an accident or disaster. In this situation the  government is not indicating that it will provide future support for people, nor is it claiming responsibility for catastrophic events. 

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Sentences & Quotes about "Ex gratia"
Legal terms like "Ex gratia" are used in courts by lawyers, attorneys and  judges and also feature in famous quotes demonstrating how to use "Ex gratia" in a sentence.

"In our first meeting [the Israelis] showed no opposition to this. But in the second meeting, they intended to give an ex gratia payment as a form of reparation because they fear compensation [as a result of their wrongful act] will set an example for other cases,
which is not a concern to us.”

Quote by Bulent Arinc Turkey’s Deputy Prime Minister
following Israeli Compensation for Marmara Victims


Ex gratia

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