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Definition of Alibi
The English Definition of this Latin legal phrase is as follows:

 "Elsewhere, somewhere else"

The basic meaning and definition of the Latin legal term "Alibi" is form of defence or plea by which an accused person who is on trial attempts to prove that he or she was elsewhere at the time the crime in question was committed. An alibi is also an excuse used by a person when they’re trying to avoid getting into trouble, so they pretend that they were somewhere else.



Interesting Info about Alibi
Lawyers or solicitors might use Latin legal terms such as "Alibi" in their consultations.

Criminals such as the notorious gangster Al Capone always had an alibi.

Al Capone

In 1929 Al Capone masterminded the St. Valentine's Day Massacre but he was in Florida at the time of the killings. He was indicted for murder and was eventually found guilty and imprisoned for tax evasion issues.

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Sentences & Quotes about "Alibi"
Legal terms like "Alibi" are used in courts by lawyers, attorneys and  judges and also feature in famous quotes demonstrating how to use "Alibi" in a sentence.

"Never ask a man where's he's been. If he's out on legitimate business, he doesn't need an alibi. And, girls, if he has been out on illegitimate business,
it's your own fault.
Quote by  Mae West

"All I know is just what I read in the papers, and that's an alibi for my ignorance"
Quote by Will Rogers



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