Ad infinitum

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Definition of Ad infinitum
The English Definition of this Latin legal phrase is as follows:

 "To infinity or forevermore"

The basic meaning and definition of the Latin legal term "Ad infinitum" is used by lawyers but it is commonly used a Latin phrase in everyday conversation. It is used to describe words or a concept that continues for an unnecessarily lengthy period of time.

People who labor a subject tend to repeat their ideas, the listener gets bored because the speaker has endlessly gone over his point 'Ad infinitum'.

Ad infinitum


Interesting Info about Ad infinitum
The 1993 comedy movie Groundhog Day starring Bill Murray and Andie Macdowell used the them of 'Ad infinitum for the storyline of the film.

The plot follows an arrogant TV weatherman who is forced to relive the same events day after day in order to become a better person. He wakes up at the same time, meets the same people who engage in the same topic of conversation over and over again.

Due to the number of re-runs or repeats on TV the replaying of the movie also appears to be caught in a time loop!

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Quotes about "Ad infinitum"
Legal terms like "Ad infinitum" are used in courts by lawyers, attorneys and  judges and also feature in famous quotes:

"Were I more conversant with literature and its great names, I could go on quoting them ad infinitum and acknowledge my debt for the merit you have been generous enough to find in my work."
Knut Hamsun

"So, naturalists observe, a flea - Hath smaller fleas that on him prey; And these have smaller still to bite 'em;
And so proceed ad infinitum"

Jonathan Swift (1667-1745)


Ad infinitum

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