Actus reus

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Definition of Actus reus
The English Definition of this Latin legal phrase is as follows:

 "Guilty act"

The basic meaning and definition of the Latin legal term "Actus reus" is a guilty act and used in law in combination with "Mens rea". In common law, the guilt of a person or innocence of a person relied upon whether he had committed the crime (referred to as actus reus), and whether he intended to commit the crime (referred to as mens rea). The Latin phrase actus reus meaning “guilty act” derives from from 'actus' meaning act and 'reus' meaning guilty and the phrase 'mens rea' literally means "guilty mind".

Actus reus


Interesting Info about Actus reus
Lawyers or solicitors might use Latin legal terms such as "Actus reus" in their consultations. According to the there must be a concurrence of both 'actus reus' and 'mens rea' for a crime to have been committed.

The term "Actus reus" is also applied in legal proceedings relating to inaction in the case of criminal negligence and acts of omission. In such circumstances a duty that would normally be expected was omitted and caused injury would result in actus reus.

The Latin phrase "Actus reus" therefore relates to misconduct, wrongdoing, and wrongful conduct - a guilty act.

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Legal terms like "Actus reus" are used in courts by lawyers, attorneys and  judges and also feature in famous quotes demonstrating how to use "Actus reus" in a sentence.

The phrase derives from a Latin quotation from Edward Coke "actus non facit reum nisi mens sit rea" which translated means "an act does not make someone a criminal unless their mind is guilty."

"The usual caveat applies:
if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is."

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Actus reus

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