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Status quo

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Meaning of Status quo
The English meaning and translation of this famous Latin phrase is as follows:

 "Existing state of affairs"

Definition of Status quo
The meaning and definition of this famous Latin expression derives from the Latin phrase meaning "the state in which," hence "existing state of affairs." To maintain the status quo means to keep the things the way they presently are. An example of the saying is "Existing monarchies want to maintain the status quo."

Status quo


Examples of "Status quo"
Examples of the use of the famous Latin phrase can be found in schools and in the modern workplace. The expression is commonly used in English to mean the existing condition or state of affairs and most often used when describing social or political issues.

"They united to defend the status quo and to
control attempts at progressive reform."

" College organisations often object to the religious or political status quo."

" Despite the appeals for change there was no desire to change the current status quo."

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Legal Term Status quo
The popular Latin phrase or expression "Status quo" is
so familiar that it has become part of our English language.It is often used as a legal term in custody disputes. In such cases a judge will consider is what the 'status quo' has been in relation to what the child is used to and the family living circumstances and situation before the involvement of the court.

Status quo - British rock band
A popular British rock band, led by Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt, is called Status Quo. The band opened Live Aid in 1985 with their song 'Rockin' all over the World'. They chose the name in preference to Quo Vadis because it "sounded good".


Status quo

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