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Pro rata

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Meaning of Pro rata
The English meaning and translation of this Latin phrase is as follows:

 "For the rate, proportionately"

Definition of Pro rata
The meaning and definition of this famous Latin expression relates to money! It most often applies to calculating overtime pay, holiday or vacation pay. The wage for a part time worker or overtime is calculated 'Pro rata' the wage is proportional to the number of hours worked.

Pro rata


Examples of "Pro rata"
Examples of the use of the famous Latin phrase "Pro rata" is most often found in the modern workplace as detailed in the above example.

The phrase "Pro rata" is also used in legal terms. For example, the liability under Tort law  for a faulty product would be shared proportionally between a number of manufacturers.

The term 'Pro rata dividend' is used by a corporation to ensure that every shareholder in the company receives an equal proportion of the profits for every share that is owned. Insurance companies use a 'Pro rata' system for calculating a return premium on a cancelled insurance policy.

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Pro rata
The popular Latin phrase or expression "Pro rata" meaning
"For the rate, proportionately" is so familiar that it has become part of our own language. Examples of the use of the phrase in a sentence are:

"My rate of pay is calculated on a Pro rata basis, I get the same rate of pay as full time colleagues but this is proportional to the numbers of hours I work."

"I received a return premium for my motor insurance which was based on a Pro rata calculation."

"My friend was declared bankrupt and his creditors accepted a Pro rata share of what was owed to them."


Pro rata

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