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Persona non grata

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Meaning of Persona non grata
The English meaning and translation of this Latin phrase is as follows:

 "Person not welcome"

Definition of Persona non grata
The meaning and definition of this famous Latin expression relates to a person who for some reason is in disfavor, undesirable, not wanted or welcome. An example of this is that the 'Black sheep' of the family was 'Persona non grata'. This is also a legal term used in diplomatic circles in which a person is rejected by the government.

Persona non grata


Examples of "Persona non grata"
People who are declared "Persona non grata" are legally banned from entering or remaining in a country.

Examples of people who have been deemed "Persona non grata" might include people such as Julian Assange of the WikiLeaks controversy surrounding the release and impact of the Guantanamo Bay files and US embassy cables. The whistleblower Edward Snowden the National Security Agency technician leaked in intelligence information and is deemed a "Persona non grata".

The popular Latin phrase or expression "Persona non grata" is so familiar that it has become part of our own, English language. It is often used to ban people for leaking secrets

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Persona non grata
Various foreign diplomats have been declared "Persona non grata". This is a most serious type of censure to those otherwise protected by diplomatic immunity from arrest and prosecution.

Other famous examples of people who have been declared "Persona non grata" include the 1952 American Ambassador to Russia, George F. Kennan.

In 2008 the President of Bolivia, Evo Morales claimed that the U.S. government conspired against him and supported his opponents and subsequently declared U.S. Ambassador Philip Goldberg "Persona non grata."


Persona non grata

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