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Per diem

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Meaning of Per diem
The English meaning and translation of this Latin phrase is as follows:

 "By the day"

Definition of Per diem
The meaning and definition of this famous Latin expression relates, mainly in the US, to a a daily allowance (paid by the day). The phrase refers to a daily allowance for expenses, usually given by a client or an employer. Examples of per diem rates would refer to travel expenses and accommodation expenses incurred whilst at work.

Per diem


Examples of "Per diem"
Examples of the use of the famous Latin phrase can be found in many modern workplaces, especially in America. An example of per diem would be an employee might go on a business trip and be allowed $25 for meals for each day away from home. This expression is used to describe an expense that has been incurred when working. A modest amount, an agreed limit for expendables. A per diem is allowed in addition to regular pay. The types of jobs that involve this kind of allowance might include members of the military, travelling salesmen and actors.

Example of "Per diem" in a sentence
: "He is eligible for per diem payments in his new job."

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Per diem
The popular Latin phrase or expression "Per diem" is
so familiar that it has become part of our  language. The roots of this famous Latin expression lay with the language of the ancient Romans.

In ancient Rome 75,500 cubic meters of water was discharged per diem into a fountain at the Forum Boarium (a cattle market).

The use of this expression was so useful and popular that it has survived the passing of time, the phrase is one of our 'Latin legacies'.

"The actors receive a Per diem when they are on tour."


Per diem

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