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Mea culpa

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Meaning of Mea culpa
The English meaning and translation of this Latin phrase is as follows:

 "I am to blame"

Definition of Mea culpa
The meaning and definition of this famous Latin expression is used as an acknowledgment of a personal error, guilt or fault. The phrase is from the Confiteor (meaning I confess), the Catholic prayer of confession in the Latin liturgy recited at the beginning of Mass. It is also said in the Lutheran Church at the beginning of their Divine Service.

Mea culpa


"Mea culpa" - Religious Phrase
The famous Latin religious phrase "Mea culpa" derives from the words 'mea' meaning my or mine and culpa meaning fault or cause (it is also the root word for culpability).

The prayer of confession of sinfulness translates as "through my fault, through my fault" and continues with "mea maxima culpa" meaning through 'my most grievous fault'. It basically means "I accept guilt or it is my own fault."

In church law the word 'culpa' refers to a defect, violation or irregularity that is due to a lack of knowledge or oversight and not considered to be a premeditated or wilful act. The word 'dolus' relates to a deliberate act.

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Mea culpa
The popular Latin phrase or expression "Mea culpa" is
often used in everyday conversation in the English language a an acknowledgement of making a mistake or error or as an acceptance of guilt, especially when a mistake could have been avoided if the person had been more careful.

It is occasionally used to express an elaborate and heartfelt apology. Conversely it can also be used in trivial situations.

An example of the use of the term in a sentence is:

"Sorry I spelt your name incorrectly - Mea culpa."


Mea culpa

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