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Latin Expressions and Phrases
The content of this section of the website provides a fast, easy guide to the translation of Latin Expressions into English. Learn the Latin to English translation of all of the famous Latin Expressions and phrases that are used in our modern everyday lives. Click a link on the menu bar for articles providing the English-Latin translations of common Latin expressions, such as 'Ad hoc',  'Quasi' and 'Per Se' together with examples of their definition and meaning.

Latin Expressions and Phrases - The Latin Language
Although Latin is considered to be a 'dead language' we still use Latin Expressions and phrases every single day. These Latin Expressions are so familiar that they have become part of our own, English language.

The Latin language was widely used historically by scholars, scientists and administrators and is still commonly used in the modern day. This simple guide to the translation of Latin Expressions will increase your Latin vocabulary and help you learn the words in the language associated with various famous Latin expressions and phrases.


Latin Expressions and Phrases
The use of the Latin language still survives in many walks of everyday life in the modern day.  This section contains the free translation of the most popular Latin expressions that are often used in school and in the workplace.

These common expressions and sayings sound familiar but sometimes the exact translation of the words are unknown. Each article provides the meaning and definition of each these popular Latin expressions together with examples which make their meanings clear and easy to understand. Facts and information are provided about  each of the Latin expressions and common phrases including terms such as agenda, habeas corpus, status quo and anno domini.

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Famous Latin Expressions and Phrases
All of the most famous Latin expressions have been included in this section. Learn about the origin, definition and meaning of these popular phrases and sayings. The most famous Latin expressions include many familiar terms, but do we fully understand their meaning and their correct use?

Examples of Latin Expressions
Our articles do not just provide the meaning and definition of famous sayings and phrases, they also provide unique examples of how the term might be used. Example sentences have been provided that clarify each of the Latin expressions and place them into an easy modern context.


Latin Expressions and Phrases
Famous Latin Expressions are used in various forms and categories:

Literary Terms, common expressions used in writing
Common phrases used in everyday conversation
Philosophical terms and sayings
Political sayings and phrases
Religious terms, phrases and sayings

The use of Latin expressions in writing or in conversation enables the user to utilize a colorful style or phrasing of written or spoken words providing a subtlety of expression. The use of such phrases also reflects a high standard of education which is especially relevant to students and those employed in the workplace. A fast glance about Latin terms, phrases and expressions such as Bona fide, Status quo, De facto, Quid pro quo, Curriculum vitae and Quid pro quo will increase the understanding and the confidence of all those who use them. Latin is far from being a 'dead language' - it's alive and kicking in all walks of modern day life.


Latin Expressions - Word Translation
Many people are searching for the translations of individual Latin words and expressions to ensure they are using them correctly.

Our examples, together with the definitions and meanings, ensure that each term is fully clarified with helpful examples of how each phrase might be included in everyday conversation. the following sentence is used to describe the term 'Ad hoc':

"We had not made plans for this unexpected situation
so we set up an ad hoc committee."


Latin Expressions and Phrases
The definitions and meanings of Latin expressions included in this section may be accessed via the menu bar and include the following:

Latin Expressions and Phrases

Ad hocVice versaCogito ergo sum
In vino veritasPer seAlma mater
QuasiAlter egoBona fide
Status quoEt cetera (etc.)Ex libris
IbidemPer diemAd infinitum
Ad nauseamVerbatimIn toto
Ipso factoTabula rasaTerra firma
Mea culpaIn totoCurriculum vitae
Pro rataCave canemPersona non grata
A posterioriA prioriDe facto
 Quid pro quo 

Latin Expressions and Phrases
The interesting facts, information, definition and meaning of this ancient, classical language provides a simple guide with helpful examples and the translation of each of the Latin expressions into the English language.
Learn the English translation of Latin expressions into the English language together with examples and the meaning of all of the terms, sayings and phrases. An easy aid to the translation and modern use of famous Latin expressions and sayings in this classic language.


Latin Expressions and Phrases

Learn the definition and meaning of expressions
Simple, easy translation of phrases and sayings
Understand the classic language & terminology
Famous expressions, sayings and phrases
Learn the meaning of Latin Expressions
Easy examples and English translation
Legal terms and legal expressions
Classic language translation of sayings & phrases

Latin Expressions and Phrases

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