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In toto

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Meaning of In toto
The English meaning and translation of this Latin phrase is as follows:

 "Completely or totally"

Definition of In toto
The meaning and definition of this famous and common Latin expression relates to the entire thing. An example of the term in a sentence is "We had a fire in our house and our possessions were destroyed in toto." People are comfortable using this term as its meaning relates to the English word total that derives from the Latin word 'totus'.

In toto


Examples of "In toto"
Examples of the use of the famous phrase can be found in schools and in the modern workplace.
Another example of the phrase is "I have read the works of Leo Tolstoy in toto."

Another might be "I have read all the articles on Latin phrases and understand their meanings in toto."

"The college's laboratory is so out of date that it needs to be replaced in toto."

The phrase is also used as a legal term. An example is that should a judge accept the argument of a lawyer in toto, it means that the judge accepts the whole thing.

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In toto
This popular phrase or expression "In toto" is
so familiar that it has become part of our own, English language. The roots of this famous Latin expression lay with the language of the ancient Romans. The meaning of the expression is "Completely or totally".

The Latin language spread throughout the western world and was taught in schools and spoken by the greatest scholars. The use of this expression was so useful and popular that it has survived the passing of time, the phrase is one of our 'Latin legacies'.

"The case was dismissed in toto"


In toto

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