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Meaning of Ibidem
The English meaning and translation of this Latin phrase 'Ibidem' is as follows:

 "In the same place"

Definition of Ibidem
The meaning and definition of this famous Latin expression, commonly abbreviated to ibid. or ib., relates to the format used when writing reference notes in a formally written, scholarly body of work. An Ibidem, or ib., provides a citation, note or details in the footnote or endnote, about the origin, or source, of information.



Use of "Ibidem"
n Ibidem, or ib., provides a citation, note or details, about the origin of information. It is usually used in bibliographic citations to refer to the last source previously referenced i.e. found in the same place.

A bibliography is a section of a written essay, dissertation or thesis. It contains citations to all the books referenced in the work such as a list of books or documents relevant to a particular author or subject.

When two consecutive notes come from the same source, the word ibidem or the abbreviations ibid. or ib. are used. This saves the space and time of writing the whole citation note out again

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Example of using an Ibidem or Ibid.
An example of using "Ibidem" Ibid or Ib. is as follows. The place of publication, publishing company, and year of publication are not listed in the citation note because they will be found in the bibliography.

Example of the first note citing a particular source:

1. Charles Dickens, Great Expectations, 471.
2. Ibid.
This means that both citation notes refer to page 471 of Charles Dickens's book Great Expectations.



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Ibidem, Ibid. or Ib. means "[found] In the same place"
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