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Curriculum vitae

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Meaning of Curriculum vitae (C.V.)
The English meaning and translation of this Latin phrase is as follows:

 "Course of my life"

Definition of Curriculum vitae (C.V.)
The meaning and definition of this famous Latin expression relates to a summary of a job seeker's qualifications, work history, experience, achievements and personal profile. The details contained in a C.V. are used by potential employers to gain an overview of candidates to undertake an initial screening of job applicants and their suitability for the role.

Curriculum vitae


Examples of "Curriculum vitae" (C.V.)
Examples of the use of the famous Latin phrase "Curriculum vitae" can be found in schools and in the modern workplace, however, it is most commonly referred to simply as a CV.

A typical CV is a concise document that is about two pages in length. Tips for writing an effective Curriculum vitae are:

1. Use clear headings -
2. Provide details of education, qualifications and grades.
3. Employment history - detail achievements and successes as well as what the job entailed and skills required.
4. Emphasize the positive and transferable skills
5. Personal details - try to include personal values or an unusual hobby to make the CV memorable.

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Curriculum vitae (C.V.)
The popular Latin phrase or expression "Curriculum vitae"
meaning the "Course of my life" is so familiar that it has become part of our own, English language. Additional tips when writing a Curriculum vitae are:

1. Write a generic CV then for each job you apply for make some small changes so it has more relevant to the job.
2. The employer needs to know that you are particularly interested in their company and the new position.
3. Avoid using too much, or too little information. Avoid the use of jargon. Be specific and avoid repetition.
4. Your CV is an important and serious document - don't make the mistake of being too 'fancy'. Avoid colored paper and minimize the use of italics and bold fonts.


Curriculum vitae

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