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A priori

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Meaning of A priori
The English meaning and translation of this Latin phrase used by Rene Descartes in his Principles of Philosophy is as follows:

 "What is before"

Definition of A priori
The meaning and definition of this famous Latin expression relates to the process of reasoning without reference to particular facts or experience. If you understand the meaning of the word such as bachelor you can deduce that all bachelors are unmarried men.

A priori


"A priori"
Literally meaning 'from what comes first' (i.e. from cause to effect). It is broadly used to mean "in accordance with previous knowledge". The reverse of this phrase is 'a posteriori'.

A posteriori knowledge is wisdom that we can have only after we have certain experiences. Whereas 'A priori' knowledge is wisdom that we can have "prior to experience". An 'a priori' truth is one that can be arrived at without any observations of the world.

The term is used in Philosophy / Logic and in Mathematics & Statistics to denote something that is known or assumed before a proof has been carried out.

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A priori
The popular Latin phrase or expression is derived
from Latin, literally meaning the former, from the word 'priori'.

It is based on theory or hypothesis rather than experiment. Something that is derived by logic, without observed facts.

Example: "An a priori judgment is not supported by fact."

The expression 'a priori' was used by Rene Descartes in his Principles of Philosophy. Rene Descartes has been dubbed the "Father of Modern Philosophy" and the "Father of Modern Mathematics."


A priori

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