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Latin Phrases and Sayings
The content of this website provides a fast, easy guide to the translation of Latin Phrases and Sayings into English. Learn the Latin to English translation of all of the famous Latin Phrases and Sayings, together with popular Latin quotes, expressions, mottos and Latin Legal terms. Click a link for English-Latin translations.

Latin Phrases and Sayings - The Latin Language
Although Latin is considered to be a 'dead language' we still use Latin phrases and sayings every single day. These Latin phrases and sayings are so familiar that they have become part of our own, English language. The Latin language was widely used historically by scholars, scientists and administrators and is used for the biological classification of plants, flowers and animals.

Words such as algae from the word 'alga' meaning seaweed will sound familiar as will Homo sapiens meaning a "wise or "knowing man". Names of bones such as tibia, fibula, femur also come from the language. This simple guide to the translation of Latin Phrases and Sayings will increase your Latin vocabulary and help you learn the words in the language associated with various Latin phrases, quotes, expressions, mottos and Legal terms.


Latin Phrases and Sayings - History of Latin
The term Latin derives from 'Latium' a region of Italy near the River Tiber, in which Rome was situated and inhabited by the 'Latinis'. The Latin language was spoken and written by the ancient Romans and many of the people who inhabited the Roman Empire. Latin became one of the most important languages in history.

The Latin language was used for preaching and writing by The early Christians of ancient times. Ecclesiastical or Church Latin still remains the language of the Roman Catholic church in modern times. The language was taught in schools and spoken by the greatest scholars, especially during the Middle Ages prior to the reformation. After this time the language is referred to as Neo-Latin.

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Latin Phrases and Sayings
The use of this ancient language still survives in many walks of everyday life in modern times.  Our articles contain the free translation of the most popular phrases and sayings that are often used in school and in the workplace. These common expressions, phrases and sayings sound familiar but sometimes the exact translation of the words are unknown.

Popular Latin Phrases and Sayings
Popular phrases and sayings include terms such as agenda, memorandum, habeas corpus, status quo and anno domini to name but a few. Our A -Z Dictionaries contain the English translations and meanings of all of these words together with famous mottos and quotes.


Latin Phrases and Sayings
Latin phrases and sayings include categories providing English translations and meanings of famous words and expressions used in:

Literary Terms, sayings and phrases
Biological Terms
Legal Terms, phrases and sayings
Medical phrases
Latin mottos, proverbs and famous quotes
Philosophical phrases and sayings
Political phrases and sayings
Religious phrases and sayings

Latin Phrases and Sayings - Legal Terms
Our language is literally littered with various legal terms such as ad hoc, ad infinitum, caveat, compos mentis, de facto, ex gratia and in loco parentis. These are just a few examples of common legal terms and famous legal terms, often used by lawyers and solicitors, that we encounter in our modern, everyday lives. Our articles will help with the legal terms and language, providing the English translations and meanings of these famous legal terms, expressions, phrases and sayings.


Latin Phrases and Sayings - Quotes
Many people are searching for the translations of famous Latin quotes, phrases and sayings especially for meaningful and classic words for family or business mottos and quotes for tattoos. Our Latin-English translation of inspirational Latin quotes also include interesting facts and information about their origins.

Dum spiro, spero
"Luceat lux vestra" meaning 'Let your light shine'
"Audax at fidelis" meaning 'Bold but faithful'
"Semper Verum" meaning 'Always True'

Latin Phrases and Sayings - Mottos, Quotes, Expressions and Proverbs
Mottos are short phrases or sayings that encapsulate the beliefs or ideals of groups of people. Mottos, generally in Latin, are adopted by kings, queens, the nobility, countries and states and express words that convey an intention or the motivation of a group. Mottos are also adopted by families, companies and schools. Famous words used in mottos include:

Carpe diem
E pluribus unum
Tempus fugit
Ubi panis ibi patria
Via, Veritas, Vita
Dei gratia

Our English-Latin translation provide the words, definition, meanings and origins of the most famous and popular Mottos, Quotes, Expressions, Proverbs, Phrases and Sayings.

Latin Phrases and Sayings
The interesting facts, information and translation of this ancient, classical language provides a simple guide to the translation of each of the expressions, words, phrases and sayings into the English language.
Learn the English translation of quotes and proverbs into the English language together with examples and the meaning of all of the expressions and legal terms. Find the words and phrases to help you learn the classical ancient language and understand the common phrases and sayings that are still used in modern times. An easy translation of the modern use of phrases and sayings in this classic language.


Latin Phrases and Sayings

Learn the definition and meaning of Latin quotes
Simple, easy translation of phrases and sayings
Understand the classic language & terminology
Famous mottos, expressions and Latin quotes
Learn the meaning of Latin phrases and sayings
Examples and English translation of Latin words
Legal terms and legal expressions and sayings
Classic language translation of phrases & sayings

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Latin Phrases and Sayings

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